Why engagement matters – Enhancing interaction beyond bought followers


With Instagram’s continued algorithm changes preferencing engagement over follower count, buying followers leads to sputtering growth down the line. Sure, you might get a short boost and some perceived social proof. But, without long-term interaction driving real interest, you end up stunting your account’s visibility. So, what’s an Instagram marketer to do? Is the era of juicing vanity metrics over? There are more powerful ways to grow and engage on Instagram ethically. The key is emphasizing real human interaction – not just racking up the big numbers. Read on to learn proven tactics for driving engaging connections that pay dividends now and later.

Prime your profile for engagement

Before worrying about smash-and-grab followers, optimize your profile and content for connection opportunities.

  • Complete your bio with useful tags, hashtags, and keywords to catch more searching eyes. Feature your strongest, most vibrant imagery in your profile window for stopping power.
  • Use intriguing captions that invite interaction through questions, calls to action, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. Know your brand voice and speak like a real human.
  • Utilize the Linktree integration to showcase your best content, deals, and email subscription landing pages. The easier you make it for visitors to dive deeper, the more they engage.

Hashtag research for visibility

Research both your broader industry hashtags (#fashion, #makeup) as well as niche tags lasering in on interests (#OOTD, #subculturestyles). You want visibility to the masses and your micro-community. Utilizing popular hashtags and niche tags within your caption, you get your content in front of macro AND micro audiences. Your brand voice and style should be reflected in more specific personas. So, take the time to find those hidden back-alley hashtags your ideal audience members camp out in. Give them fresh imagery and perspectives aligned with their interests.

Leverage instagram features

Carousel posts, IGTV, Stories, Lives – Instagram constantly rolls out new formats. While throwing spaghetti at the wall works for some brands, optimizing your channel mix based on performance pays off more. Pay attention to which features drive the most impressions, clicks, follows, and engagement for your niche. Dial back underperformers while doubling down on high traction features with more budget and new creative spins. Track key metrics and continue optimizing your mix over time. Buy Instagram Followers famoid are active and real users.

Social listening for opportunity

Analyze the comments and engagements, especially recurring questions. Look for common points of confusion, intrigue, or objections you swoop in with helpful responses. Continue monitoring and engaging in discussions in your niche. Provide truly useful intel absent self-serving brand plugs. Build authority and human connections. Soon you’ll have grateful community members checking your profile and converting to real followers. Social proof draws more eyeballs and amplifies word-of-mouth.

Collaborations and co-marketing

Identify brands catering to a similar but not directly competing audience. Alignment on brand identities and aesthetics matters – go for resonant not random. Co-creating content earns combined cross-promotion across both audiences. It also builds authority and community – inviting engagement in creativity from both brand’s fans. Even micro and mid-tier brands collaborating shows you play nice with others. Consumers resonate with the sense of community and joint value creation.

Contests, coupons, and value bombs

Of course, influencers and collabs cost budgets. For bootstrapping brands, value-driving promotions still catalyze engagement with creativity applied. Coupons and discount codes also rake in shares, tags, and follows. Especially, if you’re collaborating with complementary brands on joint offers. For loyalty building, create free value gifts  – perhaps special bonuses or content for email subscribers and SMS follow-ups. When budgeted properly, promotions provide insane ROI – they automatically self-select the most engaged users for your ads dollar.

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