Using a Product Key or Digital License to Activate your Windows 10


A lot of the best PCs on the market are available with the Windows 10 operating system already installed, activated, and ready to use after a few quick setup. However, some Windows 10 users may need to activate the operating system.  If your computer is built with the best processor and graphics card for gaming purposes or you want to upgrade your PC to run on the best SSD for faster speeds, you might have to cleanly install Windows 10 onto your computer. For this, activation is required.

Activating Windows 10 with a Product Key

To activate your operating system using a product key, start by inputting the windows 10 home key during Windows 10 installation. You can get the key during the digital purchase. If you want to activate the operating while installing it, input your 25-character product key. In case you do not have the product key during installation, you can proceed with it and activate it later. After installing Windows 10, press the Windows key and go to Settings, Update & Security, and Activation. Look for and press Change product key. There will be a pop-up box into which you will enter the product key. Then, press Next and Activate.

Activating with a Digital License

Windows 10 can be easily re-activated because of the ability to link it to your Microsoft account. To confirm your account is linked before you make any system changes or consider Windows 10 re-installation, go to Settings, Updates & Security, Activation, and see if you can find “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft Account” in the window’s Activation section.

During the Windows 10 installation, choose “I don’t have a product key” when prompted to activate. Using the Microsoft account you linked to your Windows 10 digital license, set up and log into Windows 10. At this point, Windows may automatically activate. But, if you have changed your hardware, you may have to proceed to the next steps. As Windows is running, click the Windows key and go to Settings, Update & Security, and Activation. In case the operating system is not activated, look for and press Troubleshoot. When you are prompted with a new window, chose Activate Windows and Activate. Use your Microsoft account details to complete the sign-in prompts. Look for the list of devices and check the box next to “This is the device I’m using right now” when you find the PC you are using and then press Activate.

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