Transport Options for Those with Disabilities


When persons with physical disabilities are travelling, they need special services so as to travel comfortably, safely, and successfully. Fortunately, accessible travel has been on the rise in the last couple of years. This inclusivity has created convenience for persons with disabilities, which has also motivated them to travel more. Here are a few transport options they can look into.


When you want to travel by train and are using a wheelchair, you will have to contact the train company before. This way, they can assist once you are at the station if you need help. Otherwise, if you are sure, you will manage by yourself, ensure that the train station and the train are accessible before you leave home. That means they should have a device that allows one to get on and off the train with ease, a space for a standard wheelchair and handrails. Also, before you leave home, check that your wheelchair is in good condition.


Some taxis and minicabs are wheelchair accessible. That means you do not have to get out of your wheelchair during the whole time you are travelling. The cab is spacious enough, and with the aid of a ramp, you can get in and sit comfortably. Many taxi companies across the UK also offer transport options for mobility vehicles, where you can ride the taxi with your vehicle and then easily get straight from the taxi onto your mobility vehicle. It’s worth calling ahead and discussing your needs before booking.


Inform your airline at least 48 hours before you leave. Different airlines have different facilities and so find out if what you need is available—for instance, a disability-accessible washroom. If possible, book a direct flight to prevent the hassle of exiting and boarding a plane again. Note that you will not be taking your chair in the passenger cabin. Therefore, please speak to the airline on how they will assist when you are boarding. Also, you can take a picture of your equipment before boarding in case there is damage during transportation and conflict arises.

Buses and Couches

There are buses and couches that have designated spaces for people using wheelchairs. Also, you will find that you do not have to call in advance unless you need assistance once you are at the station. These buses have ramps which you can use to get inside. Since buses have specific routes, make plans for pick up and drop off like a taxi.


If you are driving, you will need a mobility vehicle to get around. These vehicles are designed with special adaptations to accommodate people with disabilities. However, request a disabled parking badge. This badge allows you to park in areas designated for persons with disabilities.

There is no reason why you should not travel comfortably, despite living with a disability. Research the mode of transport you want to use and make calls ahead of time to be accommodated.

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