Laundry Innovations You Should Consider for Your Business


If you own laundry business, you must always constantly think of how to evolve as a business and grow your customer base for increased profit. This may mean upgrading your dexter laundry parts, improving your marketing strategies, improving your location, retraining your staff, and more.

With today’s latest technology, we now have numerous innovations to take advantage of, with advanced commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts able to make things more convenient and safer for customers. This improves the overall customer experience, thus increasing customer loyalty and profit in the long run.

Here are laundry innovations you can use in your business to continue maintaining excellent customer satisfaction:

  1. Better Equipment

Today’s washers and dryers are far better compared to what we had years ago. We now have equipment with improved energy efficiency, lower noise levels, and even almost waterless designs. Moreover, modern washing machines offer more at lighter dimensions compared to clunky predecessors.

With the latest technology, laundry equipment relies on cutting-edge polymer beads, which is a gentler and more effective way to clean laundry. It is also environment-friendly as the beads are recyclable and lessen energy, water, and detergent use.

  1. Automated Solutions

Another amazing innovation in the commercial laundry industry is the use of software-driven management systems. With these systems, everything will be optimized through automated solutions, from transport services to washing loads of laundry!

Things will become easier and more convenient to track for business owners and customers, whether it’s recording the number of wash loads throughout a certain period, entering textile counts, and maintaining a customer’s credits. Moreover, it’s easy to manage the customer supply with touch-screen functionalities.

These systems are helpful during the reporting stage, as you get to take advantage of record-keeping tools from the analytics received.

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is another innovation that is becoming more prevalent in the commercial laundry industry. From optimized wash cycles to smart tagging, a business can take advantage of the IoT in various ways.

Laundry business owners can tag different items, whether it’s washing directions or information about usage, fabrics, and the like. Laundry equipment will read those tags and launder fabrics as instructed to minimize inefficiencies and damage to laundry.

Moreover, people can change the washing process through cleaning criteria if they aren’t satisfied with the first laundry cycle. This will cut down the time and effort to wash and dry loads.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is another innovation being used in more laundry businesses today. RFID will use computer chips to embed in pieces of linen for laundries to track where the items go and what stage of the washing cycle the fabrics must be directed to.

RFID can make the entire laundering process quicker and gives workers more control as they know exactly where each piece of fabric is. This will minimize the risk of unnecessary washing, mix-ups, and even loss of fabrics.

Wrapping It Up

What are you waiting for? Try any of these laundry innovations for your business now!

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