Hydraulics That We Use Every Day Of Our Lives In Australia.


When most Australians are asked about hydraulic systems and where they are used, many will reply that they are used in excavators and large cranes that you would find on building sites and docks throughout the country. This is, of course, true but what many Australians don’t seem to realise is that we use hydraulics every day of the week as we go about living our normal daily lives. We are incredibly reliant on hydraulics in everything that we do and if we didn’t have this technology, then life would be so much more difficult for everyone.

People would be hard-pressed to come up with examples of where hydraulics are used while moving around our homes or doing our jobs at the office but there are many instances where hydraulics are essential for things to move and for things to operate. The one thing that they all have in common, however, is that they’re going to need some kind of hydraulic repair in Sydney and thankfully we have people to turn to for that very thing.

If you are still a little confused as to when and where we use hydraulics in our everyday lives all across Australia then maybe the following can help.

  • Every time you start to fill up – Most Australian families have at least one car and we use it to get us to and from our shopping expeditions and to ferry the kids off to school every morning and to pick them up again. In order for our vehicles to be able to operate properly, they need fuel and so we use hydraulics at least once a week to pump the petrol or diesel that we put into our vehicles.
  • Every time that you need to stop – This applies to our cars as well and if we need to stop at zebra crossings, at a red traffic light or at the scene of an accident then we need to be able to pump the brakes to bring the car to a standstill. You will find that there is a hydraulic brake circuit that operates the brakes of your vehicle on all the wheels.
  • Every time that you wash your dishes – This one comes as a great surprise to the vast majority of Australians and believe it or not, we use hydraulics when we switch on our dishwashers every single day. Hydraulics are used within the machine to increase the water pressure that allows our plates to get clean so that we don’t have to actually do the job ourselves.

There are many others that have not been mentioned here, like in the local amusement park and all of the popular attractions like the Ferris Wheel, for example, use hydraulics. Then there are the elevators that you ride on most days of the week to get to your floor at your offices and hydraulics are used in airplanes every single day. As you can appreciate, hydraulics are a normal part of everyday life.

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