Frequently asked questions about storage


Apart from having to store household goods, if you want to use a storage unit from lifestyle storage Singapore, you can rent storage for certain items like cars, boats, motorcycles, and RV. If you require storing appliances or furniture items which are large, you might require considering renting extra unit or one which is large also.

Other questions which you might need to get answers include:

Should you insure your storage items?

Before you store your items, it is recommended that they all are insured properly. Apart from that, it will give you enough peace of mind, but it will help in replacing any items that are stolen or broken while in storage.

You have to be aware of some storage facilities providing protection for items against loss or damage without charging anything extra. Most storage facilities offer their own self-storage insurance which is affordable as well.

You have to remember that your belongings might already be under a cover by the renters insurance or homeowners.  The insurance coverage for the home for off premises with a limit of about $1000 or about 10 percent of the personal policy of the property’s limit, either tends to be higher.

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