Description of The Most Precious Pearl Silver Dollars 


Minor differences in key dates, varieties and rarities help in bringing a large difference in the value of pearl silver coins. You can recognize these coins by reading the description and pictures on each of these types of coins. Many factors are taken into consideration at the time of determining the coin value. The rarer a coin is, the more precious this silver metal dollar will be.

1921 relief silver metal dollar coin

To adhere to the Pittman Act, 1918, Treasury Department in the US was authorized to strike millions of silver metal dollars in the year 1921. It used the old design of Morgan Dollar. Skilled sculptor named Anthony de Francisci manufactured the high-quality design of peace silver dollar in high relief.

Between the Denver, San Francisco Mint, and Philadelphia, a total of more than 68 million Morgan silver metal dollars got struck in the year 1921. These 1921-piece silver coin dollars are a 1-year design type coin.

1922 Die Break Reverse Field silver metal dollar

These coins are put for minting under tremendous pressure. The bigger the size of coin, the more pressure needed to strike it. Philadelphia Mint workers in year 1922 couldn’t recognize a damaging die. The crack present on the reverse of the die resulted in the formation of a metal blob above the word “dollar” and below the eagle.

1922 Die Break at the Ear

Philadelphia mint workers realized an issue with the die of a coin. The obverse die was seen to deteriorate and begin to crack. This crack appeared on hair of Lady Liberty behind her ear. Coin collectors referred to the variety of die as “Ear Ring” and numismatic researchers list this die variety as “VAM 2a (FS-S1-1922-002a)”. It was regarded as among the top fifty VAM’s for peace silver metal dollars.

1928 Philadelphia Mint

Theis1928 Philadelphia minted silver metal has got the lowest mintage when compared to the entire series. Only 360,649 pieces of this silver metal piece were produced. This has led to the severe depression to take its ride on the US economy.

The demand for coins by the US people started to drop. There were no peace silver metal dollars minted from 1929 to 1933. To buy one of Philadelphia Mint coins to the collection, look for only genuine samples from 3rd party grading services.


So, these were the popular and the most precious peace of silver metal coins of that time.

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