Company or Self-Imposed Uniform: Wearing the Same Clothes Daily


Coronavirus certainly has many of us rethinking our jobs. Among the many related topics is the clothing we wear day in and day out. Some of us wear company uniforms provided by our employers. Others have created a self-imposed uniform that sees them dressed consistently every day of the week.

Work uniforms do have their benefits. They also can have drawbacks as well. Moreover, employees don’t necessarily have a choice when their employers contract with a company like Salt Lake City-based Alsco. They get what the company provides. It is different for workers who come up with their own self-imposed uniforms. They get to decide for themselves what to wear.

Absolutely No Guesswork

If you wear a self-imposed uniform, why? Some people undoubtedly do it because consistently wearing the same clothes takes all the guesswork out of dressing for work. As just one example, imagine a woman who buys five pairs of identical khaki slacks and five identical tops in navy blue. Her daily work wardrobe is always the same.

She never goes to bed worrying what she is going to wear to work the next day. As long as she keeps up with the laundry, she’ll always have a uniform ready to go. That speeds up the morning routine and eliminates the need to compete with other coworkers over who can wear the best-looking outfit.

Keeping the Focus on Work

Another benefit of wearing the same clothes daily is keeping the focus on work. This point applies mainly to non-branded company uniforms and self-imposed uniforms. Think professionals and office workers here.

Everybody wearing the same or similar clothes eliminates the distraction of paying attention to what everyone else is wearing. Clothing become a complete non-issue in the workplace. And with that distraction out of the way, employees can focus more of their attention on doing their jobs.

Consistency and Standardization

What does wearing something new every day of the week say about you? It might say you are a person who likes variety. Depending on your fashion sense, it might also suggest that you consider yourself somewhat of a fashionista. Giving such impressions is not necessarily a bad thing. But what if you are looking for more consistency and standardization?

Wearing the same clothes daily demonstrates to your coworkers and clients that you are consistent. They know what they are getting from you. Back it up with a consistent work ethic and you suddenly find yourself in a stronger position. You might even inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Easier on the Budget

Workwear uniforms that have employees dressed the same way can actually be easier on the budget, which might explain why some favor uniforms. First, consider a company that rents staff uniforms. Assuming all of the uniforms are identical, that company will probably get a bulk discount on their rental.

Even someone who wears a self-imposed uniform can save money. They shop around to find just the right outfits at just the right price. And once purchased, that’s it. There is little temptation to go out and continue buying more clothing because the daily work uniform is established.

It is true that wearing the same clothes every day can get a little boring. People who love high style and fashion are especially susceptible to such boredom. But for others, a static work uniform solves a lot of problems. Whether their uniforms are provided by their employers or are outfits they impose upon themselves, their daily workwear offers a measure of consistency, keeps the focus on work, and might even save a few dollars.

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