Boost your Business with VoIP Communication


Voice over Internet Protocol is nothing new; as long ago as the year 2000, there were early versions of Internet telephony, which used webcams and microphones, enabling users to see and hear each other. All kinds of data can be transmitted via the Internet and VoIP turns the data into streams of ones and zeros, sends it to the other caller and the data is unpacked; all in less than a second, giving you real-time audio and video.

Unlimited Reach

Take Enterprise Audio /Visual Conferencing as a perfect example; you can contact any landline or mobile number on the planet, or alternatively, set up a secure IP gateway for a large video conference. Talk to the experts about your communication needs and they will have solution that is much cheaper than using telecom networks that charge by the minute. Most Australian businesses have made the switch to VoIP, using either Skype or Zoom, both platforms offer a seamless service with powerful tools for collaboration.

Regular Business Communication

If your sales team use smartphones to call clients, you can by-pass the telecom corporations by switching to VoIP; you can call any landline or mobile number and costs are very favourable when compared to regular telephone calls. You have the choice of voice only or video when calling someone and once a secure network is set up, all calls are automatically recorded so you can see who is calling who.

Business Meetings

The time you lose travelling to meetings can be reclaimed when you use video meetings; the pandemic saw an explosion of Zoom users, as people overcame the lockdowns by doing business via video calls and even though the Covid crisis is over, businesses still prefer Zoom meetings for obvious reasons. Zoom has the capacity for many meeting participants, each with a smack thumbnail of all the other people in the meeting and with a digital whiteboard, you can exchange ideas and make the right decisions.

Real-Time Video

If your design team are spread across Australia, you can arrange a video meeting and deal with the things that have to be ironed out; having a quality audio and video feed is like being in the same room and you no longer have to try and find a time when the entire team is in one place.

Look into VoIP communication solution and you won’t regret it.

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