All that you need to know about family-based immigration – A few facts to consider


It is not an easy thing to be separated from your family, particularly when there are complicated immigration laws that are waiting for your way. You will be rather surprised to know that there is a maximum of 500,000 family preference visas that are issued every financial year in addition to an 8% per country limit.  This is why the process of immigration often demands immense perseverance, patience,  and commitment to deal with the strict rules set by the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

Although the entire process can seem discouraging at times,  it is vital to keep the bigger picture in mind. It is never impossible to receive an immigration visa when you have your best family immigration lawyer to help you out. While seeking an immigrant visa,  it is better to be educated on the process so that you know what to expect. 

Family-based immigration – What is it?

Family-based immigration permits the citizens of the United States and lawful permanent residents to bring their family members into the country. This is probably the most common form of legal immigration and it constitutes two-thirds of immigration in the US.

This process works by permitting citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs) to sponsor their family members for a Green Card. In order to qualify for a visa,  you should be an immediate family member. The whole process will require a minimum of two family members, a beneficiary,  and a petitioner.

How long does the application process take?

Immigration is never an easy and quick process as it can take several years to receive a visa. When immigration involves family preference,  the wait can be even longer due to high demand and restricted supply of visas. On the other hand,  immediate family members can obtain their visas within a short span of time once they are done with the extensive visa application process.

Some important points to keep in mind

  • The sponsor should be minimum of 18 years old and a resident of the United States, financially stable, and either an LPR or US citizen.
  • There is no such limit on visas issued to spouses,  children,  and parents of a sponsor. But other family members under the family preference category might face limitations. 
  • All applicants for immigrant visas will have to go through a mandatory medical examination.

If you are already confused about the steps to take during an immigration process,  it is safe to discuss matters with an immigration lawyer rather than walk the path alone.

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