ADLV Clothes Are Trend-Setters


When you hear minimalism fashion outfit, you think about a white t-shirt paired with blue jeans. It is the classic casual look that will never go out of style. Hence, by now, almost everyone owns that outfit, even the ones who are not serious about fashion. So, it is time to change your outfit game. Now, you need to try out ADLV like clothes.

Are they basic?

They are in a sense, but no too much. Even though these clothes fall under casual and minimal looks, they can make you stand out. These clothes usually include t-shirts, training pants or joggers, hoodies and sweatshirts. Recently, training pants are serving a great street style or casual look if paired with the right t-shirt.

How to accessorise these clothes?

Casual looks do not include any heavy jewellery. So you need to do the minimal. You can add a cap or a bucket hat, which is quite the trend. Always pair a dark colour bottom with a light colour top and vice-versa.

The people of generation-z are preferring casual outfits more than anything. They like fashion in comfort and does a great job in putting together a simple yet stylish outfit. Graphic tee and pastel shade have become their forte.

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