A guide to EMA license renewal



An EMA license is a type of license that is required or needed for electric installations that are above or exceed 45KVA. Some industrial property may not need the EMA license but places such as factories and warehouses must acquire these licenses. Owners of non-domestic properties or premises are required to have the EMA license before they can proceed with their supply installation.

How to apply

Electric installation is simply electric fitting, wiring, and any apparatus that are used to convey and control in premises. You must know how the application is done or else, the all process will seem long and tedious. To secure the license, you will have to visit the EMA website and find a form to fill. You will also use the same process to renew ema license

What are the licensing requirements?

To acquire the EMA license or renew ema license, there are certain requirements that you must meet. You will have to pay an annual fee or a five-month fee. You will be needing a license for electrical installation that exceeds 45KVA for non-domestic use. You will know whether you need the license or not by measuring the electricity requirements. Get an expert to determine whether you will be needing the license or not.

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