5 Customers to Tap in B2B Laundry


Building a commercial laundry business is promising in terms of profitability. With the help of the best commercial washers and dryers from Continental Girbau, which is also a provider of laundromat equipment, you can provide exceptional services and build a solid customer base. If you are thinking about who to tap as your clients, keep on reading, and we’ll list some of the potential customers.

  • Hotels

Businesses in the hospitality industry are amongst the biggest customers in commercial laundry. Aside from hotels, you can also tap hostels, inns, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other similar businesses. Especially the smaller ones, they do not have space and budget to build an in-house laundry facility, which is why they rely on third-party providers. On-premise laundry can increase water and electricity consumption in hotels. Staffing an on-site laundry can mean additional costs and space. They can have a larger space available for commercial operations if they choose to outsource laundry services.

  • Restaurants

From tablecloths to napkins, restaurant linens should be spotless. You can help restaurants ensure this by providing exceptional commercial laundry services. With clean linens, it will be easy for restaurants to impress their patrons and offer a great dining experience. When the restaurant can offer better experiences, it can enhance its brand. This will be a great way for restaurants to maintain their image and generate more revenues.

  • Hospitals

Laundry in healthcare facilities is different from laundry in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. It requires more cautious handling to prevent the possible spread of infection. From bed sheets to patient apparel, pathogenic microorganisms can live in the fabrics, so there is a need for a special procedure to prevent the risk of disease transmission. Laundry businesses should handle hospital linens separately.

  • Nursing Homes

Like in hospitals, nursing home laundry requires a cautious procedure to avoid the possibility of disease transmission. In nursing homes, the focus should be on taking care of patients and improving their quality of life. Laundry should not be one thing that they are thinking of, and hence, they will benefit from hiring third-party laundry service providers.

  • Spas

To keep spas sanitary, laundry businesses can extend a helping hand. Most spas are small businesses with no space for washers and dryers, so you can tap them as potential customers. They also usually do not have the luxury of space for washers and dryers, which is why it is a common practice to outsource laundry services instead of doing them in-house.

From hotels to spas, the list of customers for a commercial laundry business will be almost endless. Help other businesses focus on their core operations by doing their laundry for them. To do this successfully, make sure to invest in high-quality laundry equipment, such as those that you will find at Continental Girbau. Businesses will have time, energy, and money for more important things if they let other businesses take care of their laundry.

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